Frequently Asked Questions:

Satisfaction/freshness guarantee

Although the logistics of shipping our donuts around the continent may sometimes cause errors in delivery or packaging we have a satisfaction guarantee. We are committed to offering our customers a top notch product and quality customer service. If you receive a product that is not to your liking or is defective in some way please reach out to us at info@mrs-dunsters.com and we will do our best to solve the problem!


Why is the shipping price so high?

Shipping costs are calculated through the gas, mileage and drivers time to create the rate that we receive form our couriers. Because of the set rate we receive we do not have much wiggle room for the price that we can offer. Although shipping costs a higher, our product prices are not increased to cover the cost of shipping, meaning you are paying store prices for our baked goods with no service fee included. To increase our customer satisfaction, we are in continued negotiations with our courier services to lower these prices for future purchases.


Can Mrs. Dunsters Products be frozen?

For most products yes! All donuts, rolls and English muffins can be frozen except for the whole wheat donuts and nuggets. It is suggested that they are only frozen for 60 days to insure their freshness after thawing.


Are your products nut free?

Yes! All Mrs. Dunsters brand products are created in a nut free facility. However, other Maritime products that are sold on the website are not guaranteed to be nut free.


What do I do if my products come in broken/Stale?

Send us a note! We have a satisfaction guarantee here at Mrs. Dunsters. If your products arrive and they are not to your liking send us a note and we will do everything we can to fix the order.


My donuts where delayed by a day will they still be fresh?

In most cases yes. Our donuts remain fresh for 12 days and are shipped the day after they are made. In most cases our donuts are delivered within a week of ordering giving you a few days to enjoy, share, or freeze! If you have any quality questions about your order don’t hesitate to reach out!